Carrots Make You Blind?!?!

and vegetables make you fat

Did you just find out your child needs glasses?

Learning that your child needs glasses can be a very difficult thing to deal with, especially if they are very young. The first thing you need to tell yourself (and believe) is that it’s not your fault. The second thing you need to tell yourself is that your child’s eye condition is not the end of the world. Many issues are correctable with surgery or over time or a combination of both. The advances they’ve made in this area are just crazy!

You’re moving in the right direction! You’ve gotten past the denial and hopefully the anger stages, and you’re here looking for more information. Use the internet wisely – don’t go looking for symptoms in your children just because you read about them online. At any point, if you’re concerned, go see an optometrist. If there is something going on, they will probably refer you to an ophthalmologist.

If you are looking for information on the actual conditions, I’m sure you can find that by using Google. When you need to talk to other parents in the same boat as you, we’re here. When you need tips for how to keep glasses on an 8 month old or patching a 2 year old, we’re here.

The links on the right side of the page will take you to all these wonderful people who can help. The best place to start is over at Little Four Eyes. There are tons of resources there, and parents facing every vision condition you can imagine ready to talk to you. All of the blogs listed are parents of children with vision problems. The doctors and eyewear providers are local to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the exception of Framehuggers which is an online store.

Please feel free to read Penny’s journey with cataracts here. Comments and questions are welcome and encouraged. And if you have any questions that I can maybe answer, please email me at nicolemarr at shaw dot ca.


2 Responses to “Did you just find out your child needs glasses?”

  1. Ann Z said

    Thanks for the link. Good job pulling together a lot of really good resources and advice here!

    • Thanks, Ann! I found I was getting alot of traffic through about babies and infants in glasses. I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the information they’re looking for. I’d also rather send them somewhere that the information is already compiled. You have it all!

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