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Random Vision-ness

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 26, 2009

I’ve been trying to join the Yahoo Group for PGCFA (Pediatric Glaucoma and Cataract Family Association. It keeps telling me that my email is not available to join it. WTF?

I’m trying to join because I’m looking for advice. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’d like to fight with Manulife Group Benefits to get them to cover Penny’s glasses every time we get them, not just $300 every 2 years. There is an article on the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus regarding this issue: Policy Statements: Aphakic Lenses. I’m not 100% sure, but it would seem to me if the child has intraocular lens implants, the glasses being aphakic wouldn’t apply, because the IOLs would be the aphakic lens and the glasses would be considered cosmetic? But if Penny is farsighted, and doesn’t wear glasses to help correct that, the chances of her having amblyopia are much higher. So both are aphakic? Argh! If anyone has any input on this matter it would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Caroline said

    Don’t know if anyone has answered this, but the term aphakic refers to individuals that don’t have lenses. If the intraocular lens implants are done then the term is pseudoaphakic. In the first case, glasses or contacts are needed for the far vision, but progressive bifocals needed for close vision in both cases (I believe this is how it goes), as the IOLs will only focus one distance, and I think it’s always the far distance. If Penny hasn’t had IOLs yet then she is considered aphakic. My daughter just had her second surgery last Wednesday and will have her glasses in 1 week. Can I ask why you didn’t go with Miraflex or Solo Bambini? I’ve been told they are the only ones that are flexible enough for babies.

    • Thanks for the explanation, Caroline. I didn’t actually know about aphakic and psuedoaphakic. Penny had IOLs put in at the same time as her cataract removals, but they are around a +27 prescription.

      As for her glasses, I asked the PO where to get glasses. The had been dealing with a great optician who unfortunately went out of business, so they didn’t actually know where I should go. But I am in a large city with a ton of opticians. The hospital looked into it and called me a few days later and gave me the info for eyewear designs. They asked if I did purchase from there, would I sort of report back to them on how it was so they could recommend them to other patients. When we went there to try glasses, the first pair we put on her were the Disney Pooh frames. And while we were all ogling over how cute she was, she didn’t even raise her hands to try to get them off. I took that as a good sign that she’d be ok with those glasses, so that’s what we got. It worked out ok because she wasn’t moving around too much yet, so the rigidity of the frame didn’t bother her. And then we timed it right that just as she was becoming mobile-active, we needed new glasses anyway. Now they’re memory titanium frames so she can twist and bend all she wants!

      I think most parents of children in glasses are aware of Miraflex and Solo Bambini before they even go for the first pair. But I find most of the time, they end up with what happens to be available in their area, or with what their optician happens to carry. From what I understand, Miraflex and Solo Bambini need to be ordered. I’ve never heard of an optician who actually had them. This would be a deterrent to most parents, unless their heart is set on the flexibility of those frames. Plus, no offense to anyone who is using them – they’re hideous looking. I KNOW babies’ glasses are not about the cute-factor, it’s about functionality. But at the same time, Penny looks so good in her Marchon Flexon frames that I can’t even imagine her in Miraflex or Solo Bambinis!

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