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Good Place To Start

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 13, 2009

Just for curiosity sake, I was looking for other baby/infant glasses for Penny. I came across, which boasts 90,000 frames and Cool Cash. CoolCash is like a gift certificate you receive when you buy frames from them, that you can use on your next purchase. Like some of the frames I looked at were $9-11 CoolCash. When you have a little newbie like Penny in glasses, you just KNOW you’re gonna need more, so the idea of CoolCash is appealing. I think shipping is free (domestic, which sucks for us because we’re Canadian). And they offer 2 year warranty for $29.95 (this doesn’t cover breakage from the looks of it). There is also a 1 year lens warranty, but not on plastic lenses. All in all, I think might be worth checking out for parents of babies/infants needing glasses.

I just spoke to Donny, a customer service professional for, and he sent me a list of frames for infants.

Frame 24818
Frame 12763
Frame 12780
Frame 13152
Frame 9610

Now just to give you an idea, Penny’s frames are 36 mm (lens width) and 115 mm (arm length) and she’s 4 months old and just about 12 lbs. Oh, that’s another thing I like about On each product page, you can see the different sizes available with lens width, bridge width and arm length.

I will keep these guys in mind for Penny’s next glasses!

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