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Random Vision-ness

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 26, 2009

I’ve been trying to join the Yahoo Group for PGCFA (Pediatric Glaucoma and Cataract Family Association. It keeps telling me that my email is not available to join it. WTF?

I’m trying to join because I’m looking for advice. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’d like to fight with Manulife Group Benefits to get them to cover Penny’s glasses every time we get them, not just $300 every 2 years. There is an article on the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus regarding this issue: Policy Statements: Aphakic Lenses. I’m not 100% sure, but it would seem to me if the child has intraocular lens implants, the glasses being aphakic wouldn’t apply, because the IOLs would be the aphakic lens and the glasses would be considered cosmetic? But if Penny is farsighted, and doesn’t wear glasses to help correct that, the chances of her having amblyopia are much higher. So both are aphakic? Argh! If anyone has any input on this matter it would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted by themoneyfamily on May 18, 2009

Definitely an interesting site.

Vision related articles:

I will add more as I find them…

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The Little Numbers on Your Glasses

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 16, 2009

For anyone who ever wondered what they mean, GeorgeB wrote this on the little four eyes blog:

Here’s a helpful tidbit that may help in deciphering the numbers on the frames.

The eyeglass numbers are usually written as: 49-19-135 or they might have small boxes between the numbers on the eyeglass frame.

  1. The first number in the eyeglass size is the distance across one lens of the eyeglass frame ( does not include the frame)
  2. The second number in the eyeglass size is the distance across the bridge on the eyeglass frame or sometimes refered to as the DBL(distance between lenses)
  3. The third number in the eyeglass size is the length of the temple(arm piece) from the front of the eyeglass frame to the end of the temple, which goes behind the ear.

you may also be asked for pupil distance..a measurement from one pupil center to another… measured in mm. A small ruler with cm and mm will help with this. It is needed to ensure the lens centers are in line with the pupils..

Always helpful to know!

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New Blog

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 14, 2009

I started a new blog tonight, about everything else in my life that isn’t Penny’s eyes. You can read it here.

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Good Place To Start

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 13, 2009

Just for curiosity sake, I was looking for other baby/infant glasses for Penny. I came across, which boasts 90,000 frames and Cool Cash. CoolCash is like a gift certificate you receive when you buy frames from them, that you can use on your next purchase. Like some of the frames I looked at were $9-11 CoolCash. When you have a little newbie like Penny in glasses, you just KNOW you’re gonna need more, so the idea of CoolCash is appealing. I think shipping is free (domestic, which sucks for us because we’re Canadian). And they offer 2 year warranty for $29.95 (this doesn’t cover breakage from the looks of it). There is also a 1 year lens warranty, but not on plastic lenses. All in all, I think might be worth checking out for parents of babies/infants needing glasses.

I just spoke to Donny, a customer service professional for, and he sent me a list of frames for infants.

Frame 24818
Frame 12763
Frame 12780
Frame 13152
Frame 9610

Now just to give you an idea, Penny’s frames are 36 mm (lens width) and 115 mm (arm length) and she’s 4 months old and just about 12 lbs. Oh, that’s another thing I like about On each product page, you can see the different sizes available with lens width, bridge width and arm length.

I will keep these guys in mind for Penny’s next glasses!

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Posted by themoneyfamily on May 13, 2009

Haha! Shameless plug that has absolutely nothing to do with Penny or her eyes. I saw that one of my blog visitors came through from a referrer called “”. So I checked it out. Imagine a slide show, but of blogs. Every 10 seconds or so it shows you a new blog. And I can get more traffic by posting the name so it comes up in their searches. Here it is. Hope I get some new readers from it *shrug*.

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Head Straps

Posted by themoneyfamily on May 13, 2009

Last Tuesday we were wandering through the mall. I decided to finally stop at one of the eyeglass stores (Crown Optical) and see if they had anything to help keep Penny’s glasses up. I was looking for things that go on the nose, like I’ve seen in some other kids’ pictures, or different ones that I’ve been told about. All they had was a plain old sport strap – although it can be resized to actually fit Penny’s little head (even Baby Banz are too big for her head and can’t be resized any smaller). We set it up and put it on. It worked – sort of. It had to stay further up on her head to work properly, and it kept slipping from there. But I figured working some of the time is better than not working at all. And if I could find a way to help her breath while keeping her glasses up, then I’d probably keep her glasses on more.

Well, come Wednesday morning, we received a package in the mail. Camille from Framehuggers is working on a new strap for kids glasses. I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago about it, and got her some measurements for Penny. She hadn’t made one sized for babies, but didn’t see why she shouldn’t. So, we got Penny’s new strap in the mail to try out for Camille. It’s cute, and soft, and pink. And it works! It actually hooks on the big letter C behind Penny’s ears, which is flexible. Because of that flexibility, I don’t feel so bad putting a strap on her. I mean, it’s not rigid and digging into her head. There’s room for a bit of movement if the current position isn’t quite comfortable enough.

I wrote to Camille yesterday to give her some feedback, not seeing very much room for improvement. She’s thought of everything – even putting the prickly side of the velcro facing out so it doesn’t irritate Penny’s head. So, we’re helping her evaluate them, and once she starts producing them for sale, I strongly recommend that everyone who needs one gets one!

See how far Penny's glasses slide down her nose?

See how far Penny's glasses slide down her nose?

See how much better this looks? No more problems breathing with glasses on!

See how much better this looks? No more problems breathing with glasses on!

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