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14-weeks and Wearing Glasses!

Posted by themoneyfamily on April 13, 2009

Penny's Glasses

Well, it’s been almost a week with Penny wearing glasses. They’re cute, and they’re blue. Everyone at Once Upon a Child commented on how absolutely precious she is. Most other people do a double-take, and ask if she’s wearing glasses. Um, last time I checked, that’s what glasses looked like… I know it’s a bit of a shock to see someone so little (24″ and 11.1 lbs at last check) wearing glasses, and I know we’re going to get lots of comments, but use some common sense people! If they walk like glasses, and they talk like glasses… they must be glasses!

Penny doesn’t seem to mind them too much. She likes to shove her hands in her mouth – both at the same time of course. Then smear the drooly digits across her nice clean lenses. I know they’re clean, because I clean them about 6 times a day right now. The inside of the lenses are fine, but the outside looks like doggy nose art on your car window.

I haven’t had them on her all the time yet. They should be… and I’ll really have to force myself to keep up with them. But right now they’re a little too big for her and keep sliding down her nose. Then they pinch it and she can’t breathe and starts wheezing. I feel so bad when that happens! And if I push them up and it keeps happening, I feel so bad I take her glasses off. I know that doesn’t help. She needs to have them on to be able to see properly, and I’m not doing any favors by taking them off. I’m hoping to find something to help keep them up for now, until she grows into them. I have a couple of strips of fabric band-aids on the inside nose of her frames right now. At least that gives it a little bit of friction to keep them from sliding too often. I’ve heard we can get some sort of foam pads to help, or we could try the elastic strap (we can even get a floating neoprene strap for out at the lake!). I’m planning to look for something today or tomorrow, and then maybe I can force myself to keep Penny’s glasses on.


3 Responses to “14-weeks and Wearing Glasses!”

  1. She’s too young to wear eyeglasses.
    Is she okay now?
    Please send some updates!..

    • themoneyfamily said

      Yes, Penny is pretty young to be wearing glasses. But she does need them to see right in front of her, like with her toys, or even her hands for when she starts crawling or eating.

      Our last visit with the doctor, he felt really good about her progress, and thinks next time we go, he’ll be writing a lower prescription for her. Hopefully she won’t need glasses at all except for reading by the time she’s a teen =)

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