Carrots Make You Blind?!?!

and vegetables make you fat


Posted by themoneyfamily on April 6, 2009

I had previously mentioned that I was worried Penny would be developmentally delayed because of not being able to see what’s right in front of her. Wow, was I ever wrong!

On Friday, at 12 weeks old, Penny surprised the heck out of me and rolled over. And not only did she roll over, she rolled from her back to her front! Later that day she also unexpectedly rolled from her front to her back… 3 times! The last times I had put her on her tummy, she would barely lift her head off the floor, and would only do that a couple of times before putting her head down and staying there. Now I put her down, and her head is at a good 45 degrees. The book I have on baby’s development says that some babies MIGHT be able to roll over at 3 months (front to back), and most babies should be able to roll from back to front by 5 months of age. So I am absolutely floored that she has rolled both directions!

Rather than being delayed, Penny appears to be a bit ahead of the curve. I am glad for that.

I also got a call this afternoon, and Penny’s glasses are in! We’re going to pick them up tomorrow, so check back soon to see how she’s getting on with them.


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