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The discovery

Posted by themoneyfamily on March 3, 2009

On Thursday, February 12, 2009, I was at the computer with Penny on my lap. I just happened to have the light at the right angle to notice that her left pupil looked cloudy. I knew Court had been born with cataracts, but I didn’t know what cataracts looked like. I called Court to ask him if it could be cataracts, and he thought it might be. He suggested we talk to our family doctor the next week when I had my 6 week follow up after Penny’s birth.

I couldn’t wait that long, and called my optometrist to see if he could check her. They got us in first thing the next morning, and confirmed that she had a cataract in her left eye. They were trying to call the Children’s Hospital to put in a referral for us, but the vision clinic wasn’t open that early. Penny and I went home anticipating a call later that day to make an appointment at the vision clinic.

At 10:30, I had the car running to warm up so we could go to the library. The vision clinic called and asked if I could make it in that day. Then asked if I could come in right away. Not a problem, since I’m on maternity leave.

The ophthamologist was on call that day for emergencies, and Penny was considered an emergency. Her eyes hadn’t developed yet, nor had the muscles controlling them. It was vitally important that we get the cataract out as soon as possible so we could get her eyes back on track growing properly, and before extra surgeries would be needed to fix what growing had already happened. We got in to see him right away, and he not only confirmed the cataract but told us Penny also had one in her right eye and that the right eye was actually worse.

We were scheduled for surgeries on March 2nd and March 13th.

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